Dr Damian Etone (University of Stirling)

Thursday 3 June – 11 am SAST (GMT+2)

Dr. Damian Etone is the author of ‘The Human Rights Council: The Impact of the Universal Periodic Review in Africa’ (2020), which examines the engagement of African States with the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Periodic Review (‘UPR’) mechanism. The book focuses on the effectiveness of African State engagement and its potential impact, with reference to what occurred during the first three cycles of the UPR.

 His work created a comprehensive framework which evaluates aspects of States’ UPR engagement, such as the pre-review national consultation process as well as the implementation of the UPR recommendations (which at first were both under-researched areas of law).

It further explores the potential for assimilation in engagement with UPR as well as the impact of politics, regionalism, cultural relativism, rights ritualism, and civil society on the relationship between African States and the UPR.

This book makes a useful guide for policy makers and human rights law practitioners, in addition to being a valuable research for academics and researchers.

During this webinar, Dr. Etone will discuss some of the key insights of his work as well as the methodological challenges he encountered in his assessment of the impact of international human rights mechanisms.

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