Maluwa, du Plessis, & Tladi: Essays in Honour of John Dugard

Tiyanjana Maluwa (Penn State Univ. - Law), Max du Plessis (Univ. of KwaZulu-Natal - Law), & Dire Tladi (Univ. of Pretoria - Law) have published The Pursuit of a Brave New World in International Law: Essays in Honour of John Dugard (Brill | Nijhoff 2017).

Contents include:

  • David Dyzenhaus, Dugardian legal theory
  • Christof Heyns, & Thomas Probert, Casting fresh light on the supreme right: the African commission's general comment no. 3 on the right to life
  • Arnold Pronto, Human rights in the work of the international law commission
  • Dire Tladi, Pursuing a brave new world for the oceans: the place of common heritage in a proposed law of the sea treaty
  • Philippe Sands, Climate change and the rule of law: adjudicating the future in international law
  • James Crawford, The International Law Commission's articles on diplomatic protection revisited
  • Annemarieke Vermeer-Kunzli, Immunities and consent to jurisdiction in international law
  • Christopher Greenwood, The development of international law by national courts
  • Maurice Kamto, The status of municipal law before the world court in the light of recent cases
  • Larissa van den Herik, The individualization of enforcement in international law
  • Tiyanjana Maluwa, South Africa in Africa: assessing South Africa's participation in organization of African unity and African Union treaties
  • Abdulqawi A. Yusuf, Unconstitutional change of government and the public law of Africa: outlawing Coups d'Etat in Africa
  • Ivan Shearer, State succession in relation to treaties: looking back and looking forward
  • Trevor P. Chimimba, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373 (2001) as a tool for criminal law enforcement
  • Hennie Strydom, Counter-terrorism sanctions and human rights
  • Max du Plessis, The Omar Al-Bashir case: exploring efforts to resolve the tension between the African Union and the International Criminal Court
  • William Schabas, International Criminal Law and the Middle East
  • Mia Swart, Fighting apartheid on a second front: Dugard's work on the occupied Palestinian territories\
  • Neil Boister, Global trends towards the simplification of extradition procedures