African Doctoral Webinars: Law

icla webinar

An on-line platform for webinars where doctoral students in law at any university in Africa and their supervisors meet with each other and doctoral students from other African countries as well as with external experts to discuss issues of interest to their research.


Academics who are doing doctoral supervision at any African university is welcome to book a slot for a webinar on the platform for a webinar with his or her students. The webinar will be advertised, and doctoral students other African universities are invited to participate.

Each webinar will be led by the academic/s who booked it, and will typically have three components of one or two hours each:

  1. A presentation by a panel in which the academic/s concerned and others whom they have invited will discuss issues of relevance in the particular field, and lead a discussion with the doctoral students who have registered for the webinar;

  2. A research discussion in which the students will discuss pre-selected texts;

  3. An opportunity for peer review where students will present chapters from their theses for discussion.


Guiding principles

The following approach will characterize the platform:

  1. Academics who wish to lead a webinar must apply well in advance, ideally at least one month, and indicate the topic of the webinar; the names of the students registered with them who will participate; who else have they invited to participate in the panel; and the texts they wish to discuss.
  2. The webinar will then be advertised, and students and supervisors from other universities can register.  The number of those from other universities who can register will be limited to a maximum of 10.
  3. All students who register must participate (speak) in at least the research discussion and the per review session.
  4. Academics who lead the seminars are encouraged to include leading researchers and practitioners from the continent and abroad in the panels that they set up.
  5. The webinars can be hybrid – for example the students of the academic who leads the discussion can be in the same room as their supervisor, while the others are online.

How to register

For supervisors to register

click here.

For further enquiries contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For students for other universities to register, please look at the list of upcoming webinars provided below, and register for the relevant webinar.

Upcoming webinars