Institute for International and
Comparative Law in Africa (ICLA)

Dire Tladi: Professor


BLC LLB (Pret) LLM (Connecticut) PhD (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Home Department: Public Law

Tladi is a professor of international law in the Department of Public of Law and a Fellow at the Institute of Comparative and International Law in Africa.  He is a member of the UN International Law Commission and its Special Rapporteur on Peremptory Norm of General International Law (Jus Cogens).  He is also a member of the Institut de Droit International.

He was formerly a Principal State Law Adviser for International Law in the Department of International Relations and Cooperation and the legal advisor of the South African Mission to the United Nations in New York, including during South Africa’s second spell on the UN Security Council.

Tladi has held visiting professorships and fellows at Kobe University and Humboldt University in Berlin. He is former recipient of the Fulbright scholarship.

In addition to teaching at the University of Pretoria, Tladi also presents lectures at the UN regional courses on international law for Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia.


Areas of interest: Public International Law


Accepted for publication

Book Chapter: “The Intervention in Côte d’Ivoire” in Tom Ruys and Olivier Cortern (eds) International Law and the Use of Force: A Case-Based Approach (OUP, Oxford)

Book Chapter: “The Use of Force in Self-Defence against Non-State Actors, Decline of Collective Security and the Rise of Unilateralism: Whither International Law” in O’Connell, Tams and Tladi The Trialogues on War and Peace: Use of Force Against Non-State Actors (series editors: Anne Peters and Christian Marxsen)(Cambridge, 2018)

Article: “Of Heroes and Villains, Angels and Demons: The ICC-AU Tension Revisited” (2017) German Yearbook of International Law (forthcoming)

Article: (with Aniel de Beer) “The Prohibition of Terrorism as a Norm of Jus Cogens” (2017) South African Yearbook of International Law (forthcoming)

Article: “Immunities, Crimes against Humanity and Other Topics in the Sixty-Ninth Session of the International Law Commission”

Published during the past five years


The Pursuit of a Brave New World in International Law: Essays in Honour of John Dugard (Brill 2017) (with Maluwa and du Plessis)

Blood in the Sand of Justice (2013) (work of fiction)

Chapters in books

‘The Principles of Sustainable Development in the Case Concerning Pulp Mills on the River Uruguay’ in Cordonier Segger (with Weeramantry) (eds) Sustainable Development Principles in the Decisions of International Courts and Tribunals: 1992-2012 (Routledge, 2017), 242-254

‘Pursuing a Brave New World for the Oceans: The Place of the Common Heritage of Mankind in a Proposed Law of the Treaty’ in Maluwa, du Plessis and Tladi The Pursuit of a Brave New World in International Law: Essays in Honour of John Dugard (Brill, 2017) 87 – 113

“Presence of the Accused, Right or Duty? The Art of Interpretation in a Tense Political Climate” in Jalloh and Bantekas (eds) The International Criminal Court and Africa (OUP, 2017)

“Interpretation of Protection of Civilian Mandates in United Nations Security Council Resolutions” in Kuwali and Viljoen (eds.) By All Means Necessary: Protecting Civilians and Preventing Mass Atrocities in Africa (PULP, 2017)

“Immunities (Article 46 A Bis)” in Werle and Voormbaum (eds) The African Criminal Court: A Commentary on the Malabo Protocol (Asser, 2017) 203 – 217

“Reflections on Advising the South African Government on International Law” in Zidar and Gauci (eds) The Role of Legal Advisers in International Law (Brill, 2017)167-178

‘Interpretation of Treaties in an International Law-Friendly Framework: The Case of South Africa’ in Aust and Nolte (eds) The Interpretation of International Law by Domestic Courts: Uniformity, Diversity, Convergence (OUP, 2016) 135-152

‘Conservation and Sustainable Use of Marine Biological Diversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction: Towards an Implementing Agreement” in Rayfuse (ed) Research Handbook in Marine Environmental Law (2015, Routledge)

‘The United Nations Charter and the South African Legal Order’ in de Wet and Hestermeyer (eds) The Implementation of International Law in Germany and South Africa (PULP, 2015) 88-111

‘Challenges and Opportunities in the Implementation of the Supplementary Protocol: Reinterpretation and Re-Imagination’ in Shibata (ed) International Liability Regime for Biodiversity Damage: Nagoya-Kuala Lumpur Supplementary Protocol (Routledge, 2014) 169-179



‘Interpretation and International Law in South African Courts: The Supreme Court of Appeal and the Al Bashir Saga’ (2016) 16 African Human Rights Law Journal 310

‘The Duty on South Africa to Arrest and Surrender President Al Bashir under South African and International Law’ (2016) 13 Journal of International Criminal Justice 1027

‘The International Law Commission’s Draft Articles on the Protection of Persons in the Event of Disasters: Codification, Progressive Development or Creation of Law from Thin Air?’ (2017) 16 Chinese Journal of International Law 425

‘Progressively Developing and Codifying International Law: The Work of the International Law Commission in its Sixty-Eighth Session” (2016) 41 South African Yearbook of International Law 165

‘Assessing the Legality of Coalition Air Strikes Targeting Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) in Syria under International Law’ (2015) South African Yearbook of International Law 281

‘The Proposed Implementing Agreement: Options for Coherence and Consistency in the Establishment of Marine Protected Areas’ (2015) 30 International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law 654

‘Progressively Developing and Codifying International Law: The Work of the International Law Commission at Sixty-Seventh Session’ (2015) 40 South African Yearbook of International Law 205

‘National Commissioner of the South African Police Service v Southern African Human Rights Litigation Centre (Sup Ct App S Afr) – Introductory Note’ (2015) 54 International Legal Materials 152

‘Immunity in the Era of “Criminalisation”: The African Union, the ICC and International Law’ (2015) 58 Japanese Yearbook of International Law 17

‘The Common Heritage of Mankind and the Proposed Treaty on Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction’ (2014) 25 Yearbook of International Environmental Law 113

‘The Immunity Provisions in the AU Amendment Protocol: Separating the (Doctrinal) Wheat from the Normative (Chaff)’ (2015) 13 Journal of International Criminal Justice 3

‘A Horizontal Treaty on Cooperation in International Criminal Matters: The Next Step for the Evolution of a Comprehensive International Criminal Justice System?’ (2014) 29 Southern African Public Law 368

‘Complementarity and Cooperation in International Criminal Justice’ ISS Paper Series 24 November 2014

‘ICC and the UNSC: Point Scoring and the Cemetery of Good Intentions’ 10 October 2014 ISS Today

‘What Will Africa Make of its Opportunity to Lead the ICC’ 30 July 2014, ISS Today

‘When Elephants Collide it is the Grass that Suffers: Cooperation and the Security Council in the Context of AU-ICC Dynamics’ (2014) 7 African Journal of Legal Studies 381

‘State Practice and the Making and Remaking of International Law: The Case of the Legal Rules Relating to Marine Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction’ (2014) 1 Journal of State Practice and International Law 97

‘The Nonconsenting Innocent State: The Problem with Bethlehem’s Principle 12’ (2013) 107 American Journal of International Law 570

‘The ICC Decisions on Chad and Malawi: On  Cooperation Immunities and Article 98’ (2013) Journal of International Criminal Justice 199


During 2018, Tladi will present lectures in the international law courses at the LLM level.  He has also presented lectures at the UN Regional Course on International Law for Africa in Addis.

 Doctoral students supervised

  • Milton Owuor
    The International Criminal Court and positive complementarity: Legal and institutional framework
  • Aniel de Beer
    Peremptory norms of general international law (jus cogens) and the prohibition of terrorism
  • Yolandi Meyer
    International law and the responsibility of multinational corporations for environmental and human rights abuses in the extractive industries in Africa

 Students currently registered

  • Kobina Daniel
    Head of state immunity under the Malabo protocol
  • Laura Ausserladscheider Jonas
    Accountability for the financing of entities involved in the commission of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide: An evaluation of the rules of international law for the determination of liability for aiding and abetting in the commission of crimes punishable in the jurisprudence of international courts.
  • Ahmed Linga
    Interpretation of treaties and the unity of international law: The case of the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court
  • Leonardus Gerber
    Contributions of the International Seabed Authority to International Law with particular reference to the development of a deep seabed mining law regime
  • Theodora Tambo
    The regulation of hydraulic fracturing in the pursuit of sustainable development in South Africa: An analysis of the fracturing regulations through the lens of social, economic and environmental concerns facing South Africa
  • Doris Uwicyeza
    The realisation of complementarity in the Malabo Protocol
  • Madila Ngoai
    The regulation of hydraulic fracturing in the pursuit of sustainable development in South Africa: An analysis of the fracturing regulations through the lens of social, economic and environmental concerns facing South Africa
  • Ron van Diermen
    The attitude of Africa towards International Criminal Court prior and post Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011). Is Africa having a case in contemplating the mass withdrawal from the Rome Statue of 2002?


[last updated: 27 November 2018] 

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