Sohela now takes over as coach of UP’s Jessup team. Sohela was a part of the team that represented UP in the Jessup in 2018. Her team won the South African rounds, winning the awards for best oralist and best memorials too. Her team then went on to rank 5th out of more than 600 universities at the White and Case International Rounds. They won the Alona E Evans award for the 8th best Memorials overall and the Richard E Baxter award for the Best Respondent Memorials. Sohela was the top ranking speaker from UP at those rounds.

Sohela has also been a part of the UP Moot Society as the External Coordinator in 2018 and the Chairperson in 2019. During this time she has helped organise, judge and coach UP's First Year League, Internal League and organise the annual Lexis Nexis National Moot Court Competition.

She has also played an active role in debating, representing UP at numerous competitions including the Southern African National University Debating Championships and the Worlds University Debating Championships, coaching and organising schools debating tournaments and heading the Transformation and Equity portfolio of the UP Debating Union.

She is excited to continue UP’s legacy of excellence at the Jessup.