Harmen van der Wilt: Visiting Researcher


Visiting dates: 31 July – 14 August 2016

Harmen van der Wilt is a Professor of international criminal law at the Amsterdam School of Law, University of Amsterdam.

His research interests lie in the concepts of criminal responsibility in International Criminal Law; domestic prosecutions of international crimes, the legal reaction to terrorism, International Criminal Law and legal philosophy, history in the courtroom, European Arrest warrant and transnational crimes.

Professor Van der Wilt has been involved in professional training programs for judiciary and public prosecutors in Addis Abeba and training programs for young staff members of Lobatchevski University of Nizni Novgorod, Russia. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of International Criminal Justice, the Netherlands Yearbook of International Law and the major Dutch journal on criminal law, Delikt en Delinkwent. He has been a member of the Research council of the EU(F7)-project on the European Arrest Warrant and member of the Steering Committee of DOMAC (Impact of International Courts on Domestic Procedures in Mass Atrocity cases). Van der Wilt has been an ad litem Judge in the Criminal Court of Roermond and is currently an ad litem judge in the Extradition Chamber of the District Court in Amsterdam. He has presented his research all over the world at countless occasions and he is the acting President of the Nino Cassese Foundation.