General information on the treaty system


pdf-icon xsmall Academic platform report on the 2020 review: Optimizing the UN treaty body system
Geneva Academy: Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights

For general on-line information:

The following two sources provide an excellent overview of the UN human rights treaty system and might be a good starting point:

pdf-icon xsmall Fact sheet on the UN human rights treaty system

pdf-icon xsmall Handbook for Human Rights Treaty Body Members

The follow-up procedures of the various treaty bodies are an invaluable resource in impact, because one often finds explicit statements by States during those processes on whether they have implemented views of COBs. This is also the case with reference to Individual Communications.

The documents produced by the treaty bodies can be accessed at:

Particularly useful for follow-up to COBs under the ICCPR, and thus also for the question of causality is: 

For an enlightening discussion of the implementation by States of the decisions of the Treaty Bodies (particularly the HRCttee), please see the following article.

pdf-icon xsmall Principi, KF “Implementation of Decisions under the UN Treaty Body Complaint Procedures – How Do States Comply? / A Categorized Study Based on 268 Cases of ‘Satisfactory’ Implementation under the Follow-Up Procedure, mainly regarding the UN Human Rights Committee” (2017) 37 Human Rights Law Journal 1.

In a follow-up article, Kate Fox Principi explores what internal mechanisms exist in States to implement the decisions of the treaty bodies and discusses how the establishment of these mechanisms can assist States to fulfill their good-faith obligations 

pdf-icon xsmall Principi, KF “Internal Mechanisms to Implement UN Human Rights Decisions, notably of the UN Human Rights Committee / How Can These Mechanisms Assist States to Fulfil their Good Faith Obligations?” (2017) 37 Human Rights Law Journal 237

In a new series of policy briefs, the Universal Rights Group takes a closer clook at the global human rights implementation Agenda. The first report of this new series explores the role of multilateral and bilateral development partners in supporting States (in particular developing States) in their implementation of the UN human rights mechanisms:

 Universal Rights Group
Global Human Rights Implementation Agenda
The Role of International Development Partners

For recent reports on the implementation of international human rights decisions published by the Open Society Justice Initiative:

pdf-icon xsmall From Judgment to Justice: Implementing International and Regional Human Rights Decisions (November 2010)

pdf-icon xsmall From Rights to Remedies: Structures and Strategies for Implementing International Human Rights Decisions (June 2013)


Another helpful resource is: OHCHR’s Weekly Update: News and Events in the UN Human Rights Treaty Body System.  It is issued every Monday and covers the proceedings of the previous week. 

The Weekly Update focal point is:
Ms Elena Kountouri Tapiero
Tel: +41 22 917 96 72
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For an interesting point of reference, see Matheus de Carvalho Hernandez’s review of Kathryn Sikkink Evidence for Hope: Making Human Rights Work in the 21st Century (2017) [Princeton: Princeton University Press]

pdf-icon xsmall Universal Rights Group (2019) "Pacific Principles of Practice" for effective national implementation: A Guide to Establishing Effective National Mechanisms for Implementation Reporting and Follow-Ups (NMIRFs)


Books on the treaty system

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Journal articles on the treaty system

Boerefijn, I “Establishing state responsibility for breaching human rights Treaty obligations: Avenues under human rights treaties” (2009) 56(2) Netherlands International Law Review 167

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