Establishing an on-line database

Project outline

Executive summary

A number of researchers, in collaboration with the United Nations, are establishing an on-line database that will track the impact of the Geneva-based UN human rights treaty system on the ground. The database will contain information on the extent to which the main treaties and the decisions of the treaty bodies have made a difference as far as the constitutions, laws, judicial decisions, policies and practices of countries around the world are concerned. The aim is to facilitate an understanding of how the system work, to inform reform on the global and local level, and to enhance the impact of the system.

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Countries covered

More information on participating organizations and countries covered in the study

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Draft agreement

This document is meant to serve as a basis for the agreement between supervisors and students who form part of clinical groups, and should be adjusted for local purposes, though it is important that the essence will remain the same to ensure that the work done by the different clinical groups are compatible.

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