Edited by Stuart Casey-Maslen

ISBN: 9780198724681

ICLA contribution:  Edited by Stuart Casey-Maslen

About the publication

This War Report provides detailed information on every armed conflict which took place during 2013, offering an unprecedented overview of the nature, range, and impact of these conflicts and the legal issues they created. 

In Part I, the Report describes its criteria for the identification and classification of armed conflicts under international law, and the legal consequences that flow from this classification. It sets out a list of armed conflicts in 2013, categorizing each as international, non-international, or a military occupation, with estimates of civilian and military casualties. In Part II, each of the 28 conflicts identified in Part I are examined in more detail, with an overview of the belligerents, means and methods of warfare, the applicable treaties and rules, and any prosecutions for, investigations into, or robust allegations of war crimes. 

Part III of the Report provides detailed thematic analysis of key legal developments which arose in the context of these conflicts, allowing for a more in-depth reflection on cross-cutting questions and controversies. The topics under investigation in this Report include US policy on drone strikes, the use of chemical weapons in Syria, the protection of persons with a disability, and national and international war crimes trials.

The Report gives a full and accessible overview of armed conflicts in 2013, making it the perfect first port of call for everyone working in the field.

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Table of contents

Part I Summary 
Part II Armed Conflict Profiles 
Part III Thematic Chapters 

  1. The 'New' US Policy on Drone Strikes: Domestic and International Legal Considerations
    Hilary Stauffer
  2. Sexual Violence against Men and Boys in Armed Conflict
    Alice Priddy
  3. Use of Chemical Weapons in the Syrian Conflicts and Under International Law
    Stuart Casey-Maslen and Marina Mattirolo
  4. Foreign Fighters and International Law
    Sandra Kraehenmann
  5. Child Soldiers in 2013: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
    Tomaso Falchetta
  6. The Protection of Cultural Heritage in Armed Conflict
    Kristin Hausler
  7. Protecting Persons with Disabilities in Armed Conflict
    Megan Burke and Loren Persi Vicentic
  8. Central African Republic: From Conflict to Chaos and Back Again?
    Annyssa Bellal
  9. The Responsibility to Protect and Syria
    Alex Conte
  10. Protecting Civilians in Populated Areas during the Conduct of Hostilities after Gotovina
    Chiara Redaelli and Stuart Casey-Maslen
  11. National Trials of International Crimes in 2013: Procedural and Fair Trial Guarantees
    Ilia Maria Siatitsa
  12. A Critical Review of Jurisprudence of the Ad Hoc Tribunals in 2013
    Damien Scalia
  13. Farewell specific direction: aiding and abetting war crimes in Perisic, Taylor, and Sainovic and ors.
    Manuel Ventura
  14. Redress and Reparation for Victims of Armed Conflict: A Critical Review of Practice in 2013
    Valentina Cadelo