Dominique Mystris: ICLA Fellow

Dominique Mystris

Dominique completed her PhD at Queen Mary University of London where her thesis considered the need for a regional criminal court through an analysis of the proposed African Criminal Court. She is currently a Senior Researcher at the SA SDG Hub, University of Pretoria. Over the past seven years she has served both in NGOs and in international research institutions and organizations, including the United Nations University – Institute of Comparative and Regional Integration Studies in Bruges, Belgium. She has done consultancy work for non-profit organizations in Africa, Asia and London on human rights issues and developed policy and advocacy approaches. She has been lecturing in law since 2011 at various universities in England. Her research interests are in the areas of human rights, public international law, international criminal law, international humanitarian law, peace and security policy, frameworks for regional organizations; as well as issues pertaining to conflict and post-conflict situations.