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Professor Christof Heyns - Lethal in disguise

Feb 6, 2017

Professor Christof Heyns - Burundi Violence Report

Sep 21, 2016

Christof Heyns on Human Rights Law in Africa

Apr 23, 2015

Professor Christof Heyns - XIV Colóquio

Jun 2, 2015

Professor Christof Heyns - Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

June 2013

Christof Heyns discusses the authenticity of a Channel 4 videotape regarding Sri Lanka

30 May 2011

UN Human Rights expert Christof Heyns on the use of lethal force during demonstrations

27 May 2011

Professor Harmen van der Wilt

'International Criminal Law'
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
1 - 31 August 2011

Running time: 00:08:12
Language: English

Professor Johan van der Vyver

'Group Rights'
Emory University, USA
5 January - 30 June 2011

Running time: 00:09:38
Language: English

Assistant Professor Charles Jalloh

"The Concept of 'the greatest responsibility' in the Special Court for Sierra Leone"
University of Pittsburgh, USA
8 July - 10 Aug 2011

Running time: 00:05:15
Language: English

Professor Danie Visser

'The Role of Culture in Comparative Law'
University of Cape Town, South Africa

Part 1

Running time: 00:04:58
Language: English

Part 2

Running time: 00:05:19
Language: English

Arthur Chaskalson

'Introduction to the Constitution of South Africa'
Former President of the Constitutional Court and former Chief Justice of South Africa

Part 1

Running time: 00:04:57
Language: English

Part 2

Running time: 00:09:52
Language: English